Lingerie Care

How to Take Care of Your Lingerie

Most of the time we do not look upon the guidelines given with the costly dresses and sensitive sweaters, this case also happens with our lingerie. Most of us do not take care of our lingerie because we think it not as necessary as we care about our dresses.

Your delicates hold their quality and stay the same for a longer time if you appropriately care for them – making them commendable investments. Here are a couple of tips and tricks for washing and taking care of your undergarments:

The best way to wash your bra and how to take care of them:

Hand-washing sounds dull however it's in reality pretty simple, and we unquestionably suggest it for the lingerie we sell at Ellixy. Here are some tips:

Regardless of whether it's your number one ribbon bralette that you wear on events or your regular T-shirt bra, it's significant that you hand wash every one of your bras. The better you deal with them, the more they will last.

  1. Continuously wash your bras in cold water. Heated water may break its elasticity and abbreviate its life expectancy.
  2. Handwash your bras consistently! Attempt to do this as frequently as possible. A clothes washer could harm the underwire. On the off chance if you don’t hand wash them then at that point utilize the gentlest setting on your clothes washer and place them in lingerie bags for washing to save their shape and protect them from getting damaged.
  3. Never curve or press your bras. This can destroy the state of the cups, or even curve the underwire of the wired bras.
  4. Pick a Fragile garment cleanser for your delicate undergarments. Using any detergent can harm the texture and the underwire of the bra.
  5. Dry your bras by draping them with clips on the cloth stand under the shade of the sun. Pat dry them to squeeze the excess water instead of drying them in the machine. Drying the bra in the machine can harm the shape of the underwire of your bra and if your bra is made from lace or net it will damage them too.
  6. Do does not iron your bra as the heat of the iron will harm the bra material and the shade of the bra also gets fade.
  7. Always store your bra in a flat shape. Folding of the bra can harm the shape of your bra.

The Best Way to Wash Your Panty And How to Take Care of Them:

With regards to washing your underwear, some additional care is needed. Here are some simple hacks and tricks with the help of which you can take care of your panties which will also help you to improve their life expectancy and keep them in shape for a longer time.

  1. Separate the light and dark color panties and wash them in separate tubs to prevent the color transfer of any panty on another panty.

  2. Every time wash your underwear in room temperature water. High temp water could destroy the flexibility of your panty and even cause your panties to shrink in size.

  3. Hand wash your underwear, particularly with regards to sensitive materials, for example, ribbon or silk. On the off chance that washing them by hand appears to be troublesome, place them in an undergarments bag instead of placing them directly in the clothes washer.

  4. Always use a garment cleanser that is suitable for washing delicate materials. Panties are made from delicate material so, washing them from any cloth cleanser without checking its proper specifications may cause your underwear to lose its shape and fade its color.

  5. Always flip your panties while washing them in the washing machine. This will retain their color and your panties do not fade out fast.

  6. Try not to wind your underwear to wring out the excess water as this could extend the texture of the material. Spread them out flat to make them dry. This could help them in retaining their shape for a longer time.

  7. You can store your panties in flat shape or you can also fold them. This will depend upon the style of the panty you are storing.

The only thing you needed to take care of your panty is just following these easy and simple tips and hacks. If you have any confusion while washing your lingerie you can check out the washing instructions written on the tag which is attached to your lingerie when you purchase it. This will remove all your doubts.

Dealing with your undergarments expands its life expectancy, yet additionally ensures that it fits well every time you wear it. So, treat your undergarments kindly, always handle them with care and they'll do the same for you every time you wear them.